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We are catering our clients from design process to delivery.



Committed to Quality

The Cutting section is equipped with CAD pattern system and in process for Automatic spreading machine. In this section the fabrics are being cut, and then the pieces are marked with numbers for identification and sent to the sewing section. The production force of the cutting department achieves what the sewing section needs per day which is equivalent to the productive number of production lines.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Essentially, patterns bridge the gap between ideation and production, which makes this process straightforward for both the brand and the manufacturer. Understanding the basics of pattern making will provide insight into how your garments will take shape.

We are Equipped with Software based CAD system and with pattern plotter to make sure upmost precision and accuracy.



Committed to Quality

Sewing section has process checkers doing 100% check of important process. There are also End line checkers who inspects 100 % of the complete garments, beside process checkers there are Roaming Q.C. who are doing Skip bundle check on bundles passed by the operators, they inspect based on AQL 2.5. We also have Line Quality Controllers who takes daily measurement of the garments and also look after the quality of the garments in the sewing floor.


100% Quality Packed

Finishing is the last stage of packed garments those are ready for sale. Therefore, it is one of the most important stage for our manufacturing process. Our finishing section involves washing, checking, final inspection, pressing, packing, etc. We believe proper finishing process can improve quality of knit products and make on time order shipment.

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